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Tim Wycislak
Published by: TIMOTHY WYCISLAK on 16-Sep-20
DMO - The Secret to Success?

by Tim Wycislak
DMO is one of the most important tools
You can use in your business to maximize
Your organization and productivity.
Using DMO will streamline your recruiting,
Minimize wasted time and effort,
And help you take your business to the next level.
DMO is used by big businesses, small businesses,
Home businesses, athletes, entertainers,
And effective companies and people worldwide.
So what is DMO?
DMO stands for Daily Method of Organization.
In simple language, it means
"Plan your work and work your plan."
To use DMO, first ascertain and list the essential activities
That you need to perform everyday to be successful
In your life, business, and/or endeavor.
Then decide how much time you will allocate daily
To complete these activities and
Chart them out hour by hour, day by day.
In other words, plan your work.
The next step is to work your plan.
Think about it.
There are certain things that you do every single day
Because they either make you feel good, are productive,
Or they lead to happiness and success.
Maximize those things and minimize those things
That lead you in the opposite direction.
Your plan doesn't have to be complicated.
A mentor of mine told me,
"Success isn’t about doing 1,000 different things a couple times
But it’s about doing a few simple things 1,000 times."
Doing the right things regularly and consistently,
Without fail,
Will propel your life and your business forward.
DMO - The Secret to Success?
I think so.
If L.O.M. (lack of money)
Is a major issue in your life right now,
And if you need a plan for success,
Doing just a few simple things,
That can generate major money
Starting as soon as your first week,
You might watch a video....
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